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If we had a pound for every time somebody asks us what the ‘magic bullet’ or ‘quick fix’ is to increasing website conversions, we would be lying on a palm-fringed beach, sipping cocktails for a living.

Of course, all of us marketers would like there to be such a thing, but it just doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, the people who pursue them normally end up falling behind their competitors as they are wasting time that should be spent on working through a process of improvement based on real human wants and needs.

Why are we obsessed with Personas?

Because, in over 20 years of marketing, it is the best way we have found to ​radically improve performance. It's not as exciting as those 'magic bullets' (and it takes more effort and time), but the results are similar in the end.

Think on this: demographic marketing, on it's own, is dead. It's the way of the blanket DM'ers and spammers. Because no demographic data tells you WHO people are, just WHAT they are. Demographics are a good and necessary start, but it's only 50% of the story... that's why it's rare to get conversions of more than 2-3%.

But when you introduce Personas to that, standard conversions go up to 10-15%.

Why? Because all of a sudden you are are able to give people what they want, in the way that best suits them as a human being. You stop selling to them - and you start to help them buy. And that is the single most powerful thing you can do in a sales or marketing strategy.

Don't need the intro?

Then jump straight into all the good stuff and start planning your Persona Marketing!

A stunning visualisation of our complex and diverse customer groups that has given us a 1380% ROI in 6 months. Conversion rates are through the roof on every campaign now we are working from these Personas. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending that you use Phil and Sarah to build yours too.

Cahir O'Doherty
Head of Digital, Ricoh


We've created the PSM Methodology - a robust, proven process that we follow to create Personas and execute them through effective sales and marketing strategies. It's what we use when working for clients and what we teach in our training sessions. Through this website, you will be able to:

  • Learn the full PSM Methodology for you to use in your own marketing
  • Download free ebooks with step-by-step instructions on how to do it yourself
  • Learn how to roll out your Personas across your organisation
  • Learn what Psychographic profiling is and how to use it
  • Access all of our posts, research and case studies on Persona Marketing
  • Learn how to use the 7 key principles of persuasion on each of your Personas and across your marketing mix