Why do we focus on Personas so much? Because, from our experience, it is the most effective way to dramatically increase our clients’ conversion rates. Using our unique PSM Methodology, developed over 15 years and hundreds of projects, we can empower your team to generate outstanding results.

Persona Creation

Many companies we speak with have already developed some level of Personas, yet most admit to them either not being complete or used ineffectively - if at all. It’s relatively easy to throw together a set of customer characteristics and call it a Persona. It’s not so easy to create Personas that are truly effective at being the cornerstone of your website, content and conversion strategy.

When we create Personas for our clients, we go through a robust process of research, workshops and psychographic/ topographic/ demographic profiling as detailed in our PSM Methodology. We work with your teams and interview them, brainstorm alongside them and work through all of your marketing and website analytics to see what is driving people to engage with you and how they will each approach their buying-decision process for your products/ services. Getting customer-facing people – or customers themselves - involved is necessary here, not just the marketing folk. You want those little gold nuggets of answers that they know to work and the questions they get asked all the time, so you can address them as part of your Persona stories.

Once that process is complete, we can start to create your Personas. That will include their character biographies that represent and convey their worldview, attitude, personality, needs, wants and behaviour.

While we encourage everyone to have a go themselves at creating Personas, if you need help in getting them right and making them useful then you can contact us for some expert help.

User-Buyer Journey Planning

Did you know most Persona efforts fail as soon as the Personas are completed? Teams create their Personas, design slick posters to put on the walls, and say, “These are our personas!”

Creating Personas is a brilliant step forward, but it is really just the beginning of a longer journey. A Persona is not a document that acts as a magic bullet to fix your marketing woes — it is a clear understanding of a target customer that exists in the minds of your entire team AND forms the basis of a stronger strategy with which to move forward.

Personas, even great ones like we can create, can only do so much in silo. What Personas are never created to do is provide your team with an action plan, which has to follow on as the next step.

In our Buyer Journey work, using Personas is part of a robust process we use to create scenario narratives, making your Personas actionable for all of your marketing and sales strategies.

Personas by themselves evoke a richer empathy and understanding, a vital goal, but without an action plan those Personas are handicapped. Some of our clients take this on themselves with great success and others prefer to keep us in the process and ‘finish the job’. It's completely up to you and your budget.

Working closely with Phil and his planning methodology was an incredible experience. His insight and attention to detail was incredible - watching him map out the different customer journeys for each of our Personas was an education. What's more it worked - sales have more than doubled.

Chris Parker
Head of Digital, RBS Worldpay

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