Bespoke Training

We know you’ve been asking for a while now for us to get all of our knowledge into a training course so your whole team can learn what we know. So thanks for your patience!

It’s taken us a while to get everything into a days session that would be the right balance between information overload and a hands-on, practical approach that gets people learning by doing it themselves. We think we’ve come up with a balance that’s the best way to take these skills on board and the understanding of how to use them in your everyday sales and marketing.

The training is for in-house only at this stage meaning we come to you and train your team. We’re planning some more open courses for later this year where you can send 1 or more delegates to locations across the UK, but at the moment it would just be specific for you for the whole day.

We can, of course, tailor this to meet the needs and experience level of your team and organisation if there are specific areas that you want to focus upon.

So, what's included on a typical course?

  • Session 1: Persona Marketing Summary & Golden Rules

What are Personas and why do you need them to be good at marketing?

  • Session 2: Creating Your Own Personas

Discover how we create our Personas in a step-by-step interactive session that will see you make some for your own business line.

  • Session 3: Evaluating Your Content Through The Eyes of Your Persona

How to evaluate and leverage your content and your competitor’s content to identify gaps and opportunities in your own marketing.

  • Session 4: Planning Your Buyer Journeys

How to combine storytelling with hard data to write powerful Buyer Journeys

  • Session 5: Using Personas Within Your Business

Learn how to create an action and testing plan, foster buy-in from stakeholders & team members and improve Persona execution in your company.

Who will benefit from attending?

The course we’ve created is a solid dive into the world of Persona Marketing, covering how we create Personas and use them to create action plans and more effective marketing. It’s a well-balanced course (even if we do say so ourselves!) designed for teams that are experienced marketers but aren’t necessarily used to this approach or philosophy.

Product managers, marketing managers, content marketing, social media exec’s, digital teams, copywriters, UX designers are all among the job roles that have benefitted previously.

As well as marketing, we often find that sales teams find the course very useful as understanding Personas helps people sell face-to-face just as much as online.

If you want to discuss the training and how it might work for you, then get in touch

If you're planning a new site or campaign then you have to talk to these guys. Better still, get them to come in and train your entire team in their PSM Methodology. Even the most experienced people here were left saying, "Wow..." after the session finished.

Adam Bishop
Business Manager, Samsung Europe

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